Pensioners are preparing unprecedented: “forgive debts and give mobile phones”

Пенсионерам готовят невиданное: "простят долги и подарят мобильные телефоны"

Officials decided to settle important questions

Wednesday, April 16, the Verkhovna Rada Committee on social policy, employment and pension provision adopted the recommendations of the Cabinet of Ministers on granting subsidies in the form of money, reports Wave. This is stated in the press service of the Parliament.

Пенсионерам готовят невиданное: "простят долги и подарят мобильные телефоны"

So, at the Committee meeting, officials agreed on the need to resolve the following issues:

the repayment of the debt, which arose as a result of untimely transfer of subventions from the state budget to local budgets for implementation of programs of social protection for provision of benefits and housing subsidies;

the timing of payment for housing and services with the timing of the transfer of funds for the payment of cash subsidies;

providing mobile phones to pensioners to meet the requirements of the Regulations on the procedure for granting subsidies approved by decree of Cabinet of Ministers from 21 of October 1995 №848;

the provision of the state border service of Ukraine the information about crossing the state border by persons applying for grants;

resolving problems with application of the allocation methodology between nationals of the volume of consumed utilities and the like.

Пенсионерам готовят невиданное: "простят долги и подарят мобильные телефоны"

Recall, for most of the recipients of the subsidy for April and may (may and June) will be issued in the form of surcharges to pensions or “real” money in Oshchadbank

Recalculation of subsidy assumes that grantees will be checked: whether there corresponds to reality information that is specified in the declarations, not “forgot” whether applicants for a grant to provide all your sources of income, whether there were in the family significant changes, etc., writes

To apply for a grant with a new application and Declaration of income for the subsidy will need citizens who satisfy at least one of these criteria:

the grant was appointed not at all registered, and those who actually resides in the apartment;
the family has disabled people of working age who have no income or their income is less than the minimum wage (UAH 4173);
in the past year, the family experienced changes in family composition;
accommodation in a rented apartment;
the status of internally displaced persons.
The rest promise to renew grants automatically.

To refuse to receive a subsidy in such cases:

if the person does not pay unified social tax and is not registered in the employment center
over the past six months made a purchase for the sum over 50 thousand UAH
owning a home of 200 square metres or apartment is over 120 sqm
if the family has a car which is less than 5 years ago.

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