Pension in 50 years is cancelled! Ukrainians are warned of the disaster, not enough money

Пенсия в 50 лет отменяется! Украинцев предупредили о катастрофе, денег не хватит

Ukrainians can count on a lot of benefits if retire at 50 years

This information in the comment to journalists was voiced by the expert on economic issues Vsevolod Stepaniuk, reports ГолосUA

According to him, the Ukrainians from the “six favorable categories” is not to forget that when they will not get higher benefits when you retire in 50 years.

Пенсия в 50 лет отменяется! Украинцев предупредили о катастрофе, денег не хватит

“In Ukraine there will be six special categories of employees who will be able to go on pension in 50 years. However, such people are few. This applies to miners, nuclear scientists, also people associated with other dangerous professions. This also applies to the military, who retire on superannuation,” — said the analyst.

Stepaniuc also expressed the assumption that very few retirees will agree to make such a move, because they will get the “meager benefits”. And this is directly related to the fact that at the time of retirement these people will not have enough amount of experience. And therefore, they will receive a very small pension.

Says financial expert, even the average pension in Ukraine does not cover the cost of living and many pensioners are unable to simply survive then the money. And if earlier to retire at 50 years could people receiving special pensions from the state, now one of those “privileged” pensioners were only judges and prosecutors.

Пенсия в 50 лет отменяется! Украинцев предупредили о катастрофе, денег не хватит

We previously reported that Ukraine will hold a regular recalculation of pensions. According to government plans, at the end of 2019, the minimum pension will grow from 1564 to 1638 UAH and a maximum of 15.6 to 16.3 thousand.

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As you know, in 2020, Ukrainians in retirement will receive not less than 1,8 thousand UAH. But do not forget that next year will hold the recalculation of payments.

In the result, the minimum pension should increase from the current UAH 1564 to about 1800 UAH. If the part of the Ukrainians received the minimum salary in the amount of 6.5 thousand, then they can qualify for the payment on retirement in the amount of UAH 2,4 th.

Recall that the Ukrainians have tightened the requirements for retirement

As reported Politeka, Ukrainians have radically changed the issue of pensions and grants

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky took the fateful decision on pensions