Pension in 40 thousand in Ukraine: it became known who will receive the maximum allowance

Пенсии по 40 тысяч в Украине: стало известно, кто получит максимальную надбавку

Only one group of Ukrainian pensioners can boast a record payout

After the increase of pensions in March, the average pension in Ukraine amounted to more than 3 thousand hryvnia. But one category of the population upheld the right to receive in times more, reports the edition “Знай.UA”.

According to media reports the highest payouts in Ukraine are retired officials. For example, MPs or judges. In old age they can afford to spend more than 20 thousand per month. Thus for several years, Ukraine has limitations, according to which the maximum payment does not exceed 14,97 thousand hryvnia.

Пенсии по 40 тысяч в Украине: стало известно, кто получит максимальную надбавку

To circumvent this limit and to increase his pension to 40 thousand hryvnias and above managed judges. By 1 April, the level of pension content representative of the profession increased by 54,4%, when compared with payments from 1 January. Now the average size of judicial pensions is 44 thousand 316 UAH. And this is 15 times more than the average Ukrainian.

“In Ukraine for the year, according to the Pension Fund, has increased by 20 thousand those people who receive pension more than 10 thousand UAH. At the beginning of 2019 go almost 140 thousand, accounting for 1.2% of the total, whereas on 1 January last year there were 118 thousand, or 1%. The biggest pension in this category is the judges. Next come the deputies and prosecutors,” explained the economist Oleksiy Doroshenko. The expert concluded that in order obtain the highest possible pensions to Ukrainians need to work the judges.

Пенсии по 40 тысяч в Украине: стало известно, кто получит максимальную надбавку

Meanwhile, the seniors have the opportunity to change the form of payment. During the first quarter of 2019 took about five hundred of the Ukrainian citizens. This is evidenced by the Main Directorate of the Fund of the Rivne region.

The transition from one scheme to another is retired due to the fact that in Ukraine there are several types of benefits: old-age, disability and survivor, and so on. One category may be more useful to others in the financial plan. To determine the feasibility of the transition, retirees should contact the office of the Pension Fund of Ukraine and to consult with specialists.

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