Penelope Cruz showed the teen photos with Bardem

Пенелопа Крус показала подростковое фото с Бардемом

In the picture Hollywood actress captured at 16 years of age. Javier Bardem was then 23 years old.

Actress Penelope Cruz has published a photograph next to Javier Bardem, as a 16-year-olds. The photo was taken during the filming of Ham, ham. She appeared on the Instagram page of the actress.

During the filming, Javier Bardem was 23 years old, and Jordi Molla (second partner on the set) is 24 years.


Pereglyanulis to Tsey does in Instagram

Long time ago!!! #destiny #1992 ❤ this Los jamoncitos y la perla del Monegrillo. Nos llamaba Así nuestro querido #bigasluna @jordimollaofficial @bardemantarctic

Does, polirani Penélope Cruz (@penelopecruzoficial) 14 Lis 2018 R. 1:40 PST

“That was long ago! Hamonica and jewel Monagrillo. So we called our favorite Bigas Luna” she said in comments to the snapshot.

Earlier it was reported that the famous lead singer of the band Neangely showed looked like before plastic surgery.

Jamal showed a new image

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