Penda brisket braised in tsibulenko sauce

This dish will not leave you indifferent!

Пікантка грудинка, тушкована у цибуляному соусі


  • breast 700 gr
  • bow (two-thirds of the meat)
  • garlic 4 cloves
  • hot pepper
  • black pepper, salt
  • greens for decoration of the finished dish


The brisket cut in the ribs

Heat on fire “above average” the cauldron or thick-walled pan and we fry our chops up to a beautiful Golden brown. And no additional oil, fat laying is not necessary, all you need to mytopics of bacon, informs Rus.Media.

The main rule for this phase:

  • Utensils should be heated so much that the meat was crusty, but the juice did not manage to stand out;
  • Do not rush to turn the meat until it is cooked enough on one side, otherwise the pan will be burned, which will further give the bitterness of the sauce. Well-roasted meat resists when it try to turn over.

And while meat roasts, make the onions. How to cut onions for this dish doesn’t matter – in the process of making it almost completely dissolve into the sauce.

The meat is flushed? Well.

Remove from the heat, put the meat on top of garlic and hot pepper. Don’t worry, pepper will not give spicy, just flavor. All sharpness in him, in the seeds, so you need to make sure that the pod was intact, not damaged. It will also add a little freshly ground black pepper.

Now we need to prisolit onion and a little poimukate to faster went the juice. Try the salinity of the bow should be what you want to see the finished dish. Cover the meat with onions tight as a cap.

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Now we put our cauldron to the very minimum heat, cover it and forget about it for an hour. No need to open to check. Nothing will burn.

Onions will give a lot of juice and this juice will slowly stew the meat, and the onions will start to dissolve and turn into a sauce.

After an hour, carefully take out the garlic and pepper and put aside. Add more black pepper, increase the heat to medium and stirring occasionally, let cook until complete evaporation of the broth, dissolved, onions and a beautiful caramel color of the belly.

The meat turns out very tender and flavorful. Almost all the fat from the cooking time vytaplivaete and goes into the sauce, so if you are afraid of fatty foods, just serve this breast with no sauce, it was still very tasty.

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