PE in Poland! Driver specifically shot down a Ukrainian, violence is striking: details

ЧП в Польше! Водитель специально сбил украинца, жестокость поражает: подробности

Cruel driver was punished for severely injured Ukrainians after arrival in Poland

In Poland, the taxi driver made a terrible chase specifically ran into Ukrainian. Details of the controversial incident, described the Polish newspaper Fakt on the results of the trial.

As militiamen established, on Saturday, April 27, in Wroclaw, the Ukrainian crossed the road on a Bicycle when burning a red light. Along the way, the man crashed into a taxi car. After a moment’s delay, the cyclist went on. But an angry driver decided not to let him get away with accidents with it.

ЧП в Польше! Водитель специально сбил украинца, жестокость поражает: подробности

The taxi driver chased the Ukrainians to seek revenge. In a fit of anger he even stopped at the Park on the walkway for pedestrians and cyclists. The car overtook the cyclist and rammed it. To the rescue came the surprised passers-by who called an ambulance. Doctors diagnosed the Ukrainian fragmented chest.

Police quickly arrested the 37-year-old taxi driver. Soon he was accused of premeditated murder attempt. The man insisted on his innocence. “It was unintentional. I’m Catholic, I have no penalty points, I have five children,” said the defendant before the court hearing. But prosecutors convinced the judge to punish the driver for the brutal hitting. In the end, the man was arrested for three months. The investigation is ongoing.

ЧП в Польше! Водитель специально сбил украинца, жестокость поражает: подробности

Earlier it became known shocking fate of the Ukrainian zarobitchane Vladimir Eremenko in Poland. The man received a severe spinal injury at work abroad. After a bad earnings he returned to Ukraine with disabilities and no money.

The man officially employed in Poland on the firm that has performed subcontracting for well-known corporations KGHM, the largest copper producer in Europe. There he fell with the ladder after the accident. Soon he had surgery on the spine — put the metal plate for support. The story ended that the law firm asked Vladimir at his own expense to be treated in Ukraine. Crippled employee of the poles was not needed, and they hastened to expel him from the country.

We will remind, the Ukrainian workers call for a dream job: “Poland is no longer needed”.

As reported Politeka, Ukrainian actor beat a Professor of philosophy in Poland: “let’s talk like men”.

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