PE from Zelensky! The centre of Kiev was blocked off, talking about the worst, “suddenly collapsed…”

ЧП у Зеленского! Центр Киева перекрыли, говорят о худшем, "внезапно рухнул..."

On August 15 in Kiev on the street Lutheran near the Office of President Vladimir Zelensky was an emergency

On the roadway collapsed asphalt. A deep pit formed near the house No. 23. The middle lane was partially blocked, but locals say about the worst — possible and then go collapse. And since this is one of the main transport arteries of the city, a further collapse will cause traffic jams and inconvenience.

The pit formed in the roadway around 9:00.

ЧП у Зеленского! Центр Киева перекрыли, говорят о худшем, "внезапно рухнул..."

ЧП у Зеленского! Центр Киева перекрыли, говорят о худшем, "внезапно рухнул..."

As of 10:30, municipal services have not yet arrived at the scene of the disaster. Fortunately, the street was empty at the time of the incident, so no one was hurt.

Note that the road to Lutheran looks fresh and new. But presumably, the cause of the incident was poor quality asphalt coating.

At the moment it is not known when the utilities will eliminate damage.

Also recently in the center of Kiev two car fell through the asphalt.

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The incident took place at Khreshchatyk street, 4. Random participants of the incident were Citroen and Volkswagen. The driver last able to leave, having avoided a deep failure.

According to the driver of the Citroen, the collapse of the asphalt happened unexpectedly. In the yard have not carried out the repairs, but such cases were not before.

The hole from the collapse is so huge that the car was half under the ground. To get the vehicle is possible only with the help of a tow truck. The scene of the disaster was shielded by police officers, however on specified section of the Parking lot were two cars.

Police urgently trying to trace the owners of parked cars, because it does not exclude the possibility of further collapse.

We will remind, the police called the worst road in Ukraine.

As he wrote Politeka, potholes, patching in new Odessa.

Politeka previously reported that Kharkiv utility companies have taken a new height in the repair of roads.