Payments in Ukraine: how many are retired, disclosed the truth

Выплаты в Украине: сколько получают пенсионеры, раскрыта правда

It became known, what are retired Ukrainians

The data appeared on the official website of the Pension Fund of Ukraine in Facebook. As can be seen, the PFC showed the statistics regarding the number of pensioners and average size of payments on April 1, 2019.

It is reported that as of April 1 in Ukraine, there were 11.4 million pensioners. The average pension since the beginning of the year increased by 253,38 hryvnia, to 2899,04 hryvnia.

Выплаты в Украине: сколько получают пенсионеры, раскрыта правда

Earlier it was reported that pensioners will pay a thousand hryvnia, but not all luck. Deputy Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko told, who gets the money. Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko announced at a fixed percentage of the payment recalculation of pensions. In Ukraine adopted the draft on the allocation of payments to separate categories of pensioners. Those whose pension was more than 5 thousand hryvnia in the framework of the law “On mandatory pension insurance” payments will add another top thousand. This change is explained by the recalculation of the pensions fixed in percentage at the level of 17-20%.

Выплаты в Украине: сколько получают пенсионеры, раскрыта правда

Plan to run will occur in early March to increase payments will be under the new formula, which takes into account the inflation rate and wage growth over the previous years in Ukraine. This statement was made by Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, according to government portal. Pavlo Rozenko noted that at this point in the accounts of the Pension Fund of Ukraine has enough money and means to carry out recalculation of pensions.

Also, the Prime Minister has delighted those who have a pension below the minimum (1497 hryvnia), as payments to pensioners will be increased to the level of the minimal wage and under the conditions of the allocation they may grow even more. He noted that such payments by age, get about two million people, so the state guarantees them a minimum pension. The difference is a promise to compensate for the expense of the budget.

We will remind that Ukrainians has announced automatic recalculation of benefits for retirees.

As reported Politeka to pensions, some Ukrainians will receive from the state additional assistance — though disposable.

Also Politeka wrote that pensions in Ukraine will be issued under the new formula.