Paul Daraiche: the golden years

country-quand-bien-fait-aussi(Granby) After being snubbed her life in the middle, country singer Paul Daraîche relishes his newfound popularity today. Now the most beautiful theaters, television shows and his peers welcome with open arms.

The main person prefers to live this turnaround situation with humor. “I’m not bitter about it. I find that funny. You know, my family sold almost two million albums to date, no radio, no media and no television. It was so much road for 50 years as fans we conquered, we have them for life. ”

Still, it would be crazy not to take advantage of all the attention. “I took care of everybody my whole life and there, everyone takes care of me,” he says bluntly.

It nevertheless makes it clear that he did not become complicated, however. “I’m not picky. I’m not the kind of artist to make special requests. All I ask in my box, it’s a bottle of white wine! ”

He speaks quickly, Paul Daraiche, chewing his words, between puffs of cigarettes. Because yes, he still smokes. “I always had the hoarse voice. It is as if I had a perpetual flu! “He concedes.

That his wife nicknamed Mr. Worry – “I’m worried about everything. I still think that things will not work, “he said – yet has no reason to worry.

In this he owes a lot to Mario Pelchat, the producer. It is thanks to him that the tipping point occurred in his career. “Mario loves the country as a patient. I was his idol, he always believed in me. After the success of his project country When the sun says hello, he produced a second album on which I sang. When I went up on stage on tour, people stood up. Seeing this, he said, “Must do something with you!” We released the album My loves, my friends in 2012 and has sold 150 000. ”

The rest is history.

Better and better

Therefore no one is better placed than Paul Daraîche to explain the difference between country and Quebec American country … “There is no difference, except it’s in French. The source is the same. This is folk like the Americans, with the same themes. It’s more punchy, more rock than the western. And like all kinds of music, country has changed, “he said. So much for the country lesson!

According to him, this musical style has won acclaim “quality of strength and means.” “At first, make an album cost $ 400 or $ 500. Me younger I tripais on major French songs. Small western tunes, I did not like that. I thought it was poor. But I had a real band and I started doing studio recordings, especially for my sister Julie. I loved the world of country music, its authenticity. And it has improved over the years. The country, when done right, is as valid as any other music. ”

While it has always been there, supported by a solid base of fans, the country suddenly seems to gain popularity. But the path was arduous. “I was lucky to find a big machine because there is no subsidy in the country. I already told that the country, it was not real music and I left slamming the door. Today I receive. Yet I’m the same guy and it’s still the country! It’s a shame: when you become great, you are made … old, “he noted, recalling the changing of” never let go “.


With Showtime, his new show launched in March, it pays trafficking, as he did on his albums My loves, my friends and let me tell you (released in 2015). For two hours without intermission, he puts his success, sometimes alone, sometimes with known personalities.

“Mario Pelchat, David Thibault, Laurence Jalbert and Marjo is my core. They are almost always there with me. Other times, Kevin Parent, Isabelle Boulay, the Boulay and sisters Ginette Reno even come to their turn on stage. I kept the best of my loves, my friends. “The list of parts Showtime changes little. When an artist is not with him to sing a duet, Paul Daraîche sings alone, simply.

Friday at the Palace de Granby, spectators should be entitled to the presence of the famous hard core, but not only … His daughter and son also share the stage with him. “And there will be a surprise that I do not have the right to say! But even I do not know that forever, “he says, laughing. Certainly, six musicians will be on stage with him, under lights and decor “beautiful,” says the veteran of the song.


Daraîche Paul spent his life on a stage. For him, there is no more beautiful place in the world. “We change dimension by entering a stage. I love that, “says he, sensing that there he will die.

But this is not for tomorrow. If he has made several of his dreams – including the singing with Ginette Reno 45 years after he wrote a song, and push the note with his childhood idols, Aznavour, Adamo and Petula Clark – he has few other top.

“I went to a hair to sing with Willie Nelson, an old bum like me, but it did not work. Maybe one day.”

He also talks about the preparation of a book in which he explained the genesis of his most popular songs.

Besides the musical he hopes to one day get on Jesse James. “This is a big project that I’ll do when it’s going to slow down a bit. It takes staff, but people are already beginning to talk about me … ”

Mr. Worry can be reassured. Everyone loves it.

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