Passed away idol of the whole generation: “the last days turned into a living hell”

Ушел из жизни кумир целого поколения: «последние дни обернулись сущим адом»

The famous artist died at the age of 70 years

American singer and songwriter Eddie money died in the United States. On 13 September, reports Variety with reference to a family of musician. It is known that the musician was sick a long time, he was one of the critical irreversible stages of cancer:

“We are pleased that he will live forever through his music,” is the message of the relatives of the musician. Mani of his career has recorded 11 albums. The musician became famous in the mid-1980s after the release of songs Baby Hold On and Two Tickets to Paradise.

Ушел из жизни кумир целого поколения: «последние дни обернулись сущим адом»

Relatives of the deceased reported that shortly before his death from Mani stated that the fourth stage of esophageal cancer. Also in 2018 on television out of the reality show “Real Money” – it talked about the Mani family. Including about the struggle of the singer with cancer.

Recall also the well-known musician his whole life was devoted to art, he has worked with many world celebrities, and was produced by talented young people.

77 year of life died in USA guitarist Jimmy Johnson. The founder of the recording Studio, Muscle Shoals, producer and musician died suddenly, the details of his death have not been disclosed. This was reported by his son.

Ушел из жизни кумир целого поколения: «последние дни обернулись сущим адом»

Musical career Jimmy Johnson was long and bright. He began studying music in his youth, in the early 1960s, he worked as an assistant producer Rick Hall. He is known to the world primarily due to work with singer Areto Franklin, which in 2008 Rolling Stone magazine was recognized as the greatest singer in history, the musician recorded his part for her smash hit Respect in 1967.

After the founding of Muscle Shoals, he was producing artists such as Connie Francis and the band Amazing Rhythm Aces. As a guitarist he collaborated with Lulu, Bobby Womack and Boz Scaggs, made a sound engineer when creating tracks “Careless Whisper” and Wilson’s Pickett’Don’t Know My Love for George Michael and You Gotta Move Wild Horses Brown Sugar the Rolling Stones.

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