Pascale Picard partied in Alma

avec-humour-pascale-picard-faitIt is with enthusiasm that undisguised singer-songwriter Pascale Picard was responsible for celebrate with Almatois Canada Day.

From the outset, it seems that the event organizers have targeted just by programming the artist from Quebec for the evening of July 1, because it is estimated that about 2000 the number of people that moved in the downtown city ​​of Alma to attend this free concert.

According to the singer, it was very happy to return to the area, because it is here in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean Pascale Picard would have lived his first adventures on stage outside of Quebec City where she went to school as a musician.

But there was not that she was excited to play in the region. For example, several spectators located in the front ranks have multiplied the joy many times throughout his performance. On the program, the public was therefore entitled to selections from All Things Pass, his last album, but also titles from his first album which dates from almost a decade.

With humor, the singer made a few jokes about his skills as a pianist recounting particular experience traumatic scene she had experienced at the age of 17. Thus it would seem that it would have literally killed the piano solo piece I Will Survive, in addition to having flayed the voice just before interpreting the song What’s Going On 4 Non Blondes.

Moreover, this piece has even snuck a place in an energetic medley where there also heard a frenzied reading of La vie en rose.

Upon leaving the scene to observe ‘deadlines, the singer was on stage for just over an hour and every indication that Pascale Picard and his band had a few songs to offer spectators.

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