Party “servant of the people” Ukrainians stunned the new logo: “a surprise from Zelensky”

Партия "Слуга народа" ошарашила украинцев новым логотипом: "сюрприз от Зеленского"

Political party of President Vladimir Zelensky “servant of the people” in preparation for the elections, got a new logo and symbols

On Monday, may 27, at a press conference said the head of the digital direction of the party Mikhail Fedorov. The team representative Zelensky showed the party’s logo and told me what it means.

A new party logo was the silhouette of a biker in a business suit and with a Mace in his right hand. The image is made in green color on white background.

Fedorov noted that the layout is not yet complete, version of the logo is not final and will be presented in the final version on the official pages of political power in social networks.

Партия "Слуга народа" ошарашила украинцев новым логотипом: "сюрприз от Зеленского"

“Each official is a servant of the people in the first place. Still in the process of improvement and soon you will be able to see in our social networks first communications,” — said Fedorov.

Earlier it was reported that the political party of President Vladimir Zelensky received a new head. This became known at his press conference in Kiev, Monday, may 27.

The new head of the Servants of the people became a political adviser to the head of state, Dmitry Razumkov. According to policy, the recently held Congress of the party, which was replaced by its head.

Razumkov elected leader of the party instead of Ivan Bakanova, who recently was appointed to the post of the first Deputy head of the SBU and the head of the Main Directorate for combating corruption and organized crime of the Central Department of the SBU. He added that the party “servant of the people” is preparing for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

“The party will go to the polls. We also will be Congress,” said Razumkov, adding that the first phase of the Congress will be held June 8.

Recall, Zelensky reported major infamy of the Cabinet: decided to please Akhmetov.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky staged a reshuffle at the top posts published new decrees.

Also Politeka wrote that the truth about the coalition revealed in Parliament: “did not expect even Zelensky”.