Party of 25: a boldness that appealed to spectators

the-franklin-electric-donne-note(Granby) Few people do not dodelinaient head banging or not the foot Saturday at the delivery of the first four groups to perform for the Party of 25, organized by cultural and community life of Granby.

This event helped to target clients of 15-35 years to have games at their height from 15h to 18h30 and then enjoy a show featuring four emerging bands that deserve to be known.

Foreign Diplomats broke the ice of the musical evening. The band surprised the audience, including the author of these lines. It was difficult for the public to remain stony and more the show progressed, the applause was warm.

Their energy on stage – especially that of Thomas Bruneau Faubert (trombone and synthesizer) – despite the heat and humidity mesmerized the audience. They were literally unsustainable.

Le Granbyen Guillaume Beauregard, singer Vulgaires Widget, then took place on stage in a trio to offer the public the pieces of his album D’stars, rain and ash. Bears of legend and The Franklin Electric finished the night illuminating a part of the night.

Humor in the breaks

Concept rarely used at parties where groups are linked, the breaks between performances were filled by the comedy duo Illegal Sex.

The duo certainly laugh or at least smile, diners. “We were pleased when Ben Granby asked us to come animate, but we were disappointed when we knew it was not at the Zoo. But there are still a few animals in the crowd “, they dropped into a style all their own.

Illegal sex has also pushed the note in one of their movies. The duo had fun translate into French some songs. Although we should say that comedians have invented words sung to familiar tunes. The City of Longueuil and the wolf sweaters were notably honored.

“People present really enjoyed their evening. There were fewer people than I expected, but the ratio was good compared to the proportion of the population aged between 15-35 years, says Mathieu St-François, leader in the community in Granby. We are very satisfied like. ”

The audacity of the organization, which called emerging bands only, was underlined by the musicians, he adds. “All the groups who came were really pleased with the reception. Everyone really Tripé on the show. ”

Mr. St-François is not yet known if there will be a sequel to the event. “From what I understood from the speech of the mayor during the evening, he had an interest in it back. But it is not only the council. Is it going to be? I do not know.”

many activities
Before the show, revelers could enjoy many activities on the site, like giant hamster balls and the ability to walk on water in a floating bubble. Jumpaï (bungee trampoline), photobooth and soccer sumo also entertained a lot of people. For the occasion, the food trucks were also on hand.

However, the heat, the schedule of afternoon or both festival days that preceded could have played a trick on the organization. During the day, “traffic really was not what we expected. I think people were too hot to go out. We have a balance sheet to do. We will wonder what could have been done for there to be more people. ”

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