Party lovers of Putin he got himself in trouble with the Servant of the people: “with Zelensky trifled with”

Партия любителей Путина вляпалась в скандал со Слугой народа: "с Зеленским шутки плохи"

One of the Bulgarian political parties for use in presentations, staff from the TV series “servant of the people” with Vladimir Zelensky caught in a scandal

To this was attracted by the press Secretary Irina Zelenskaya Pobedonostsev.

About it reports Aspinews.

Партия любителей Путина вляпалась в скандал со Слугой народа: "с Зеленским шутки плохи"

As it became known, the CEC ruled Bulgaria, the party of “Revival” has violated the Electoral code of the country, having published a pre-election video, in which scenes of violence. It is worth noting that this political force in Bulgaria is Pro-Russian configured.

So, the media party posted a video with footage from the TV series “servant of the people”, containing the shooting of the Supreme Council. The video appeared last Wednesday on the party page in the social network.

Video shows Zelensky character from the TV series “servant of the people”, armed with automatic rifle, goes to a meeting of the deputies and opened fire. After that appears “Revival. Only we can”.

“In this video We shoot in such journalists like you,” he explained during an interview with Radio Liberty the meaning of the advertisement for the campaign, the party leader Konstantin Kostadinov.

The CEC suggested that advertising can move people to violence. On Thursday, the Association of European journalists appealed to the Prosecutor’s office of Bulgaria to check out the video.

Press Secretary Irina Zelenskaya Pobedonostsev, said the publication “Buffalo” that the producers of the series “servant of the people” and the command of the President of Ukraine did not give permission to use videos that may violate copyright.

Recall that the Series “servant of the people”, where the main role was played by President Vladimir Zelensky, may 22, in Russia it became impossible to watch on YouTube. This is done at the request of the copyright holder. It is reported by the Russian Interfax.

Партия любителей Путина вляпалась в скандал со Слугой народа: "с Зеленским шутки плохи"

Previously, the series was available on YouTube on the official channel of the Studio “Kvartal 95”. It is noted that now the YouTube links to all the series of reports that video is not available in one country, in Russia.

As previously reported, Vladimir Zelensky became a model for the creation of the party of Ivan Urgant in Russian Federation. About it in a video interview Politeka stated Russian opposition politician, former Deputy of the state Duma Ilya Ponomarev.

Recall that Zelensky has officially dissolved the Parliament and sacked the key politicians.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky urgently appealed to Putin.

Also Politeka wrote, Zelensky appealed to Ukrainians with an important statement.