Part of Ukraine will be under water, thousands of lives in danger, “disappear for good”

Часть Украины окажется под водой, тысячи жизней в опасности: «исчезнет насовсем»

Scientists have warned the world about the impending disaster and made a frightening prediction

In the National Geographic magazine has predicted how it will look our planet, if melted all the glaciers.

According to experts, will suffer such European countries as Britain and Italy, but the cost to pay attention to Ukraine, which will lose in absolute terms the most territory in Europe.

The small countries of Europe that are in the North and all would be completely under water. We may never see the Netherlands, Denmark and Estonia. Mediterranean countries will suffer from the consequences of the disaster less than others, as are higher above sea level.

We will not see the map of the Atlantic ocean, as it will disappear completely. Will go under water Florida, all the Gulf coast and cities like new York, Charleston, New Orleans and many others.

Часть Украины окажется под водой, тысячи жизней в опасности: «исчезнет насовсем»

As scientists assume, the hills of San Francisco in California in the case of melting of glaciers will turn into Islands. Under water will also be a number of North American countries. Africa will lose less land, but climate change will make the continent uninhabitable. A large number of Asian countries, and part of the coast of India face the same fate as European cities.

It is reported that the ice cap of East Antarctica is so significant (which contains four-fifths of all ice on Earth) that may seem impossible it melting. However, with the increase in air temperature on the planet more intense evaporation, so that in East Antarctica the ice is melting intensively.

Часть Украины окажется под водой, тысячи жизней в опасности: «исчезнет насовсем»

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Also earlier it was reported that Australian scientists have warned about possible catastrophic consequences for the Earth in the next few years.

Recently, the expert community of scientists has addressed the international community with a warning about the possibility of irrevocable destruction of the earth biosphere. Prior to this, according to scientists can lead to mass extinction of insects. In such circumstances, the actual collapse of ecosystems and destruction of the Earth’s biosphere will be inevitable.

The Australian scientists came to the conclusion that the estimated half of all insect species is rapidly declining, 30% of known species may disappear forever. The scope of the study are striking: overall, we counted over 70 databases for more than last hundred years.

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