Parliamentary Commission on Cults: sand in the gear

The project of forming a working group of parliamentarians on the phenomenon of sects – or “sectarian groups” – has lost ground in the National Assembly.

In December, PQ member Agnès Maltais and Liberal Pierre Reid pondered this possibility very seriously. Other elected officials were also interested.

But it seems that we do not agree today on the place that should occupy this eventual think tank. Mr. Reid and others would say that he does not have to be part of a parliamentary commission.

For Agnès Maltais, it must instead evolve inside – and not outside – a parliamentary committee of the National Assembly of Quebec.

The member for Taschereau has just written to the chair of the Committee on Institutions, Pierre-Michel Auger, on this subject. She urged him to convene the members of the commission to “exchange and rule on the merits” of holding “hearings to examine the possibility that, under the guise of religious freedom, unlawful acts may be posed by groups with sectarian excesses without being sanctioned “.

Official or unofficial?

In December, MPs, including Agnès Maltais and Pierre Reid, discussed the possibility of parliamentarians looking “at the methods of indoctrination of structured sects” and their impact “on their members, especially when they are in a situation. medical emergency, especially women “. A request that Ms. Maltais first made when the coroner’s report was released on the death of Jehovah’s Witness Eloise Dupuis.

It was for parliamentarians to launch this winter the foundation for a working background that could, that being, being completed in the next legislature – that which is born of the general elections on 1 st October.

Agnès Maltais and Pierre Reid have both announced that they will not seek a new term in the next election.

Whether a first group of elected members is inside or outside a parliamentary committee will determine whether it will be official or unofficial. The stake is there.

At present, there is no indication that Ms. Maltais, who initiated the idea of ​​a parliamentary review on the subject, would like to associate herself with a simple informal group.

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