Paris as you’ve never seen before: “poverty and homeless”

Париж, каким вы его еще не видели: "нищета и бездомные"

Photographer David Tesinsky showed Paris what it really is

Most people are accustomed to represent France luxurious country with quaint streets and impressive buildings. However, non-tourist areas of the country differ significantly from the views of tourists.

Notre Dame de Paris, Eiffel tower, the Louvre and the chic Sena — so tourists are of Paris. Romantic city attracts millions of tourists to admire the beauty of the French capital. But Paris has another side, which successfully showed photographer David Tesinsky.

Париж, каким вы его еще не видели: "нищета и бездомные" Париж, каким вы его еще не видели: "нищета и бездомные"

Czech photographer went to France and stayed there for several days. The man began to walk to the usual tourist paths, looking into the “behind the scenes” of Paris. There a photographer took a series of shots, which can destroy the stereotypes of Mecca romantics.

Париж, каким вы его еще не видели: "нищета и бездомные" Париж, каким вы его еще не видели: "нищета и бездомные"

“I did this series about “the other” run this town. When you take a look from the Eiffel tower to the ground, you will see that this city is not just a fake relationship,” said David Tesinsky, debunk the myths about Paris. Homeless on the streets, poor neighborhoods, painted buildings, trash and abandoned elements of the interior — these are the realities of Parisian life without retouching.

As previously reported, with the President of France Emmanuel Makron was a double embarrassment in Argentina.

Париж, каким вы его еще не видели: "нищета и бездомные"

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As you know, the French leader flew to Buenos Aires with his wife to attend the summit of the Big twenty. Emmanuel Makron caught a string of bad luck right after he and Brigitte got off the plane.

The first one saw Him when he opened the door of his plane, was an airport worker wearing a yellow vest. Funny and symbolism in the incident is the fact that at this moment in the capital of France held mass protests of the “yellow jackets” that require his resignation.

We will add, the French capital has recently been engulfed with fire and smoke, and thousands of people took to the mass protests demanding the resignation of Emmanuel Macron. As stated by the leader of the “yellow jackets” Eric Drouet, this day will be “memorable” for France, as the demonstrators did not intend to leave until then, until the Makron will not resign and the country will not decrease fuel prices.

As the local media, the “Yellow jackets” each time behaved more boldly — pelted police with stones and smoke bombs, doused them with paint. Security forces, in turn, still was the most reserved and often just retreated to their former positions, although it did not hesitate to use tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowd.

We will remind, the President assassinated directly into the celebrations.

As reported Politeka, “lover” Makron got into another scandal.

Politeka also wrote that in France, conceived the division of the territories, there are first effects.