Parents Zelensky said the Ukrainians the most important: “believe”

Родители Зеленского сказали украинцам самое важное: «Очень верим»

Today, parents of Vladimir Zelensky, Alexander S., and Rimma Vladimirovna, in the morning cast his vote at the station in Kryvyi Rih

Parents of a presidential candidate said that now in Ukraine has all changed.

“I think everything will be fine. I think that not only we will be fine. And in Ukraine too”, — said the father Zelensky.

Ukrainians reacted to the encouraging message of the parents of the candidate:

“How nice to see parents Zelensky, they are proud of their son and are happy with its success! Zelensky our President!!!”, “Thank you to these parents for such a son!”, “God give them health,” etc.

Родители Зеленского сказали украинцам самое важное: «Очень верим»

We note that recently Zelensky mother complained that her son “destroy”.

“I have this dirt cannot hear. My husband can’t tolerate it. He is a decent, honest guy. What he earned, he earned by his labor. He didn’t steal. How can you throw mud at a man? … For all the channels one the dirt is poured. Profitable, I believe Poroshenko. He just destroys it. There should be a culture, I understand, man, after all. How can you behave like this? He has no program, it does not have people in the team, the fact that he is “the Kremlin”, – she said.

Родители Зеленского сказали украинцам самое важное: «Очень верим»

According to the mother showman, her son “wants to be the first war ended”.

“He is a lawyer by training, he is not an artist. … Well, I do think he is already such a moron, so stupid? … How can man destroy. He doesn’t need the money, believe me. Here, as President, he will get less than he gets [as an entertainer]. He just wanted to in Ukraine, everything changed: that young people go to youth was on the ground. He doesn’t need the money, he is a wealthy man, he did not need. He just can’t see how our people live. We have retirees receive a penny. Corruption for corruption. Ponabivali all pockets yourself the money and exports. Everything that’s going on this is the horror of a nightmare,” explained Rimma Zelensky.

Родители Зеленского сказали украинцам самое важное: «Очень верим»

The woman noted that competitors constantly organize attacks on the showman. Presidential candidate accused of lack of programs, commands, and even the “Kremlin” views. Meanwhile, the current guarantor of the Constitution has brought Ukraine to an unfortunate situation due to theft and bribery.

We will remind, supporters of Poroshenko attacked mother Zelensky.

We also wrote that Rima Zelensky admitted her son decided to become President.

Even politeka reported that Zelensky father revealed the truth about the impact of Kolomoisky.