Parents of severely disabled children serve an ultimatum Barrette

parents-jusquau-bout-denonce-conditionsThe Parents grouping to the end, which represents 2,000 families of children with severe disabilities in Quebec, leaves a month Health Minister, Gaétan Barrette, to bring them help. “Otherwise we will turn to the Prime Minister […] The case dragged on for a long time. We want concrete proposals by April 15th. We want results. We do not want to be cheated, “said the spokesman of the combination, Geneviève Dion.

Since its founding a year ago, Parent denounces the way the financial conditions and injustices which have to live with the parents of severely disabled children. While a welcoming clientele host family receives $ 37,000 per year, birth families receive only $ 4,200 a year. “The situation urges us to be burnt. Some plan to place their child, even if they do not want, “says Dion.

Marilyne Picard mother of a 4 year old girl suffering from a rare genetic syndrome. His daughter must be force-fed, often hospitalized and still wears diapers. Ms. Picard, who is also responsible for four other children with her husband, had to stop working. “We are in a vise,” she said.

Parents through offers such as the parents of severely disabled children receive the same status as “local host families,” who receive more favorable government grant.

Meeting with Minister

Sunday Parents to the end was the issuance Everyone speaks. Also present on the board, the minister Barrette had promised to meet the body the next day, which was done.

“We are not satisfied, but not completely disappointed with the meeting. The Minister has not committed, but he asked us to trust him. How long have dragged folder. We want action within a month, “says Ms. Dion.

The ministerial committee set foot by the Minister responsible for Youth Protection, Lucie Charlebois, and charged with finding solutions for these families must make its findings in June.

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