“Parents, guard your children” the doctors said that it may cause incurable diseases

"Родители, берегите детей": врачи рассказали, что может вызвать неизлечимые болезни

Antibiotics can cause in the child of various pathologies

So, not infrequently the Antibiotic is prescribed to children to treat severe viral or infectious diseases. They can save lives, however they are bad for the body of the child, namely the diversity and function of the microbiome (totality of microbes in the human body).Researchers from Vanderbilt University found a correlation between antibiotic therapy and development of asthma in children, says Clinical Infectious Diseases.

"Родители, берегите детей": врачи рассказали, что может вызвать неизлечимые болезни

Moreover, the likelihood of asthma increased with each additional appointment antibiotic.

The researchers analyzed information on antibiotics 152 thousand full-term children from Tennessee. All of them were born in the period from 1995 to 2003 in the result of singleton pregnancies with normal weight.
Data show that 79% of babies under the age of 1 year were prescribed at least one prescription for an antibiotic.

"Родители, берегите детей": врачи рассказали, что может вызвать неизлечимые болезни

At each additional prescription of antibiotics by 20% increased the risk of asthma in childhood.
The link between taking antibiotics and a subsequent diagnosis of “asthma” emerged regardless of the type of antibiotic or the time of his appointment.

Interesting is the fact that children who were prescribed antibiotics broad-spectrum were observed more likely to develop asthma than children who were prescribed an antibiotic narrow steps.

Earlier it was reported that very soon there will be a period of threat of allergies, which can be subject to both adults and children. This Allergy flare house dust. He is growing fast in clothing, bedding and carpets which are at home. Its danger is that it can cause more serious complications, such as asthma. In children it is difficult to treat. Therefore, we must be attentive to their health.

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