“Parents are Satanists”: children-Mowgli is found in the house, hell pictures of the home

"Родители-сатанисты": детей-маугли обнаружили в столичном доме, адские снимки жилища

Mowgli children did not even know their names

Neighbors found the child Mowgli in the neighboring state — Russia. There in Moscow, prosperous, a family, like was childless. But I was wrong. Flooded neighbors, and all opened. This family was two girls, 5 and 7 years. In the network appeared the pictures, which made the apartment where there lived children-Mowgli.

"Родители-сатанисты": детей-маугли обнаружили в столичном доме, адские снимки жилища

The children were dirty, hungry, did not go to kindergarten, to school, and can’t even give their names. The apartment is like a tent with horrible dolls, horns and strange posters on the walls.

Parents identified that this kind of existence for them is an art. Law enforcement bodies of Moscow have carried out the necessary checks in this family.

"Родители-сатанисты": детей-маугли обнаружили в столичном доме, адские снимки жилища

On Friday to guards from the inhabitants of the house, which is situated in the Babushkinskiy district of the North East of Moscow, the message arrived that in one of apartments of the parents do not fulfill their duties and children live in unsanitary conditions. The police report that the children were eventually taken to hospital, where they received the necessary assistance.

We have previously reported that in the spring in Moscow region law enforcement officers found the little boy who a few days was next to the corpse of a murdered grandmother. Six-year-old Mowgli lived in a cluttered apartment in the Odintsovo district, and was in very poor conditions.

"Родители-сатанисты": детей-маугли обнаружили в столичном доме, адские снимки жилища

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When the guards found the child, then realized that he was antisocial and almost unable to speak. In the same apartment militiamen have found a corpse of a woman who was the grandmother of the child Mowgli.

According to the results of the examination, elderly woman died from numerous injuries. The daughter of the murdered told that this made the son — the boy’s father when he was a family quarrel.

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