Panin showed himself naked on all fours and immediately removed: the scandalous pictures had to maintain a

Панин показал себя голого на четвереньках и сразу же удалил: скандальные снимки успели сохранить

Odious Russian actor Alexey Panin posted on his Instagram his naked pictures where he was doing the piercing prostate

Clip from processes installation of piercing the actor is first poured in, the social network, but later immediately deleted. However, some sites and channels-telegram had to keep it. Now, the web walk as conditionally zatsenzureno, and not the photo with the prostate Panin.

The video shows how to Panina shove medical instruments.

In the video the woman has to bend over naked buttocks of the actor to make a special tool to make another hole in his body.

The photographs of Panin is very joyful in the pose of the dog in the beautician completely naked. Mostly pictures of close censorship all the worst, leaving visible only the ring, proud owner of which was Panin.

Панин показал себя голого на четвереньках и сразу же удалил: скандальные снимки успели сохранить

Панин показал себя голого на четвереньках и сразу же удалил: скандальные снимки успели сохранить

Alexey Panin even posted a photo with the jewelry in an intimate place on his page on instagram but soon removed it.

Also disturbed Panin recorded a video in which he said that he’s “ugorayu” over the haters, not them over his punctures and distortions.

Specify that this is not the first controversial video featuring Panin. Earlier in the Network were also distributed videos in which the actor is engaged in non-traditional types of sex.

Panin and recently recorded an angry appeal to the humorist Garik Kharlamov after a failed joke about him

The corresponding video he posted to Instagram.

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“I didn’t want to respond, but I send links to Kharlamov. He don’t look appeased. Looked, went to his page. What I want to say. Garik, honey, BL*K, do not awake dashing while it is silent. I can progr*at what little you will not find it. I know a lot of information about your friends from the Comedy Club, you. You want the same layout as with Galkin?! Don’t touch me, fuck, I’m a free man and I live the way I want it,” he said.

Specify that the reason for such wild antics Panin was the set of memes that Kharlamov was posted on his page in the social network.

We will remind, it became known why Panin escaped from Russia: “trading entity”.

As reported Politeka, Panin was struck by the words of hatred for Russia.

Earlier Politeka also wrote that Panin attacked the Russians over the annexation of Crimea.

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