Panda-albino captured for the first time in history: a photo of a handsome

Панду-альбиноса запечатлели впервые в истории: фото красавчика

In China, first came the camera lenses extremely rare animal

Infrared camera photographed pandas-the albino in the Wolong nature reserve in China, according to PDChina on the page in Facebook.

The photo was taken in mid April of this year at an altitude of two thousand meters above sea level.

The Panda that captured the camera, no dark spots, and the eyes look red.

Панду-альбиноса запечатлели впервые в истории: фото красавчика

Experts came to a common opinion that the color change is the result of albinism and Panda is in good health.

According to scientists, the animal from one year to two years, Paul could not be established.

This is the first picture of the Panda with albinism, shot in the wild!

Recall that in Dnipropetrovsk region noticed the creature, which is listed in the Red book.

In Dnipropetrovsk region found a butterfly species listed in the Red book. About it in the group “Dneprov thresholds” wrote Park Director Vadim manyuk in Facebook.

Tomares of Novela is fluorescent miniature butterfly, with a wingspan of only 22-34 mm. On the wings it has an unusual pattern of brown color with black stripes, resembling small bees. It is known that these butterflies are listed in the Red book.

Панду-альбиноса запечатлели впервые в истории: фото красавчика

“Finally we meet! About the big environmental status of this tiny butterfly (Tomares nogelii), Ukrainian name — “ravech Noelia”) for the first time I was told Sochi entomologist and ethnographer p. Vladimir Kolesnik ten years ago, although the first time I heard about it back in the 1990s, Viktor Barsov. The range of this southern species, listed in the World Red list of IUCN, Red data book of Ukraine and Sichevskyi region that covers countries such as Palestine, Syria, Turkey, Armenia. The Northern border of its area is in Romania, Moldova, Ukraine and southern Russia,” admires boon manyuk.

According to him, in Ukraine this species until recently was known only in the right-Bank part of the Dnieper and podneprovsky steppe in the Kherson region. It is also possible he survived in the Odessa region.

“Since I have the honour to lead the regional landscape Park “Dnieper Rapids”, the previous two seasons persistently sought a meeting with Tomares, and only this spring brought the long-awaited result! “The Dnieper Rapids” — an important natural focus for conservation, perhaps the most Northern population of this rare and endangered steppe butterflies!!, — written by Vadim manyuk.

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