Palchevskogo’ve uncovered the real meaning of the extradition of Firtash USA: “Poroshenko next…”

Пальчевский раскрыл настоящий смысл выдачи Фирташа США: «Порошенко следующий...»

After the issuance of the U.S. Dmitry Firtash, the same destiny can threaten and to other Ukrainian oligarchs

The loud decision of the Austrian Supreme court that gave US the scandalous Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash, said the famous journalist and entrepreneur Andrew Palchevsky in his new video.

He noted that the US authorities apparently realized that Ukraine has no plans to punish the businessman, who is suspected of bribery in the amount of $ 18.5 million for a license to develop titanium deposits in India out of the competition.

“Americans understand that in Ukraine the oligarchs had not planted, and, apparently, are not going to put”, — said the journalist.

Palchevskogo believes that after Firtash Washington could be in other Ukrainian corrupt.

Пальчевский раскрыл настоящий смысл выдачи Фирташа США: «Порошенко следующий...»

“So, the Americans put Firtash, and then they will come after Poroshenko and, it seems, another one who came quite recently to Ukraine, thinking that it will not” — said Palchevskogo.

In this regard, he warned President Vladimir Zelensky from the cooperation with the oligarchs.

“I would like to appeal to the President: Vladimir Alexandrovich, it is not necessary to meet with the oligarchs! Meet with workers, farmers, students, as expected, and all the rest…” — told the journalist.

He also believes that the oligarchs will not be able to “rebuild the Donbass”, as proposed by the new government.

“They won’t build. They can only drag to drag from the budget and again to drag,” — said Palchevskogo.

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Jailed oligarch.. and the other?

Jailed oligarch.. and the other?

Posted by Andrew Palchevsky on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Previously, we wrote about the fact that the promises of the Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk to buy 24 units in the Donbass as its contribution to the restoration of the region will not atone for the guilt of the oligarchy.

This was reported by Ukrainian TV presenter Andrey Palchevsky.

“Here Zelensky, meeting with Pinchuk said that he would buy 24 apartments. What is the 24 apartments: this can be a million dollars. And the oligarchs rake in billions from the budget. So Vladimir, cancel “Rotterdam+” is good. But the 24 apartments will not atone for the problems of the oligarchy. And Kolomoisky, who as you said, still does not know what to invest money in it. Many fear that he never know,” he said.

Recall Zelensky received a warning about grave danger.

As he wrote Politeka, Palchevskogo called a major victory Zelensky as President.

Also Politeka wrote that Palchevskogo criticized the “Servant of the people” Zelensky of the controversial names on the list.