Palchevskogo revealed the truth about the “nest Poroshenko” that the blow was made with the NBU

Пальчевский раскрыл правду о «гнезде Порошенко»: что Гонтарева сделала с НБУ

The Ukrainians said that during the presidency of Petro Poroshenko, the national Bank used for “killing” business

This was announced by TV presenter Andriy Palchevsky on his page in Facebook.

“Politicians put on the position of women and use them in two ways: the first is confidante like Poroshenko and head of the national Bank Gontareva. When they destroyed all the banks in the country and turned the NBU in the “nest Poroshenko”, — he said.

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Posted by Andrew Palchevsky on Monday, June 10, 2019

Moreover, Palchevskogo also called approximate amount of banks that are “killed” power.

“100 of the banks they ruined. And gave them to whom? Petro Poroshenko”, — he stressed.

As previously reported, the journalists showed looks like the London apartment of Valeria Gontareva, which is the head of the National Bank of Ukraine modestly calls little.

54-year-old Valeria Gontareva in October last year moved to the UK. Together with her son, she rents a two-bedroom apartment and works as a consultant.

In an interview, she zautla that she is credited with the very expensive house in London and said where he lives: “How can I be funny when a crazy Valentyn Nalyvaichenko (the former head of the SBU) said on television that day, when we rented an apartment with my son that allegedly Gontareva bought in London a house for 23 million pounds. These madmen who else shows, and I sign a lease small one bedroom apartment.”

Reporters found the house, which rents its apartments the former official. The dwelling is located in a skyscraper on the banks of the Thames at the following address: albert embankment, 23 (Albert Embankment). It is not far from the houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. A 15-minute walk from big Ben and the Ferris wheel.

For the reliability of the information the courier service delivered to Gontareva parcel in this house, and the Concierge scored Valery on the phone so she took the parcel.

Such a two-bedroom apartment found on the website for the apartment rental. It costs 5308 pounds, or about 200 000 UAH per month. The price varies depending on the presence of balconies, number of toilets rooms and areas.

Пальчевский раскрыл правду о «гнезде Порошенко»: что Гонтарева сделала с НБУ

Recall, Poroshenko was arrested after the elections: what are the charges against the President and who else is involved in a new scandal.

As reported Politeka, disclosed the truth about the new place of residence Gontareva: don’t waste time.

Also Politeka wrote, it became known as the blow destroyed the banking system of Ukraine.