Palchevskogo revealed the name of the Klitschko’s opponent in the election: “it could be…”

Пальчевский раскрыл имя соперника Кличко на выборах: «Им может стать…»

Possible opponent of mayor of the capital Vitali Klitschko in local elections can become the star of “Kvartal 95”

This was told anchorman Andrei Palchevsky.

“I just read that the opponent of our boxer can become Zhenya Koshevoy. Compared to other “Brokeback” will be flatter. Whether he will go himself – I don’t know. But it will be much better than many other members of the “SIC”, as I call them. It’s the people who pretended friends Zelensky”, — he said.

Kiev Green green or Bald?

Posted by Andrew Palchevsky on Thursday, September 26, 2019

Palchevsky said that this is actually “friends “Green”, not only of man, but of the dollar.”

As previously reported, TV presenter Andrey Palchevsky said that Vladimir Zelensky now determine the fate of not only Ukraine and Russia but even the United States. The corresponding video message he posted on his page in Facebook.

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“Well, Zelensky! Not only that, it depends on the fate of Ukraine, Russia, still in the hands of our President a clue as to who becomes President, not much is not enough USA. Imagine what responsibility, if he makes a mistake. Trump asks Zelensky gave him the documents for Biden, whose son smeared or participated, while not essential, will still pretend that smeared, in some of our gas company,” he said.

Palchevskogo added that the current situation Zelensky similar to the situation in which Petro Poroshenko made a mistake.

“What if the opposite happened? What if Zelensky will be given the documents and Biden win? It will also be like Peter and Hilary. Peter put on Hilary, we welcomed it, then came the tramp and where’s Peter? So I want to wish President as much exposure and luck. With luck our President all right, so let tremat and trump and Biden” — optimistically concluded Palchevskogo.

Пальчевский раскрыл имя соперника Кличко на выборах: «Им может стать…»

Recall Zelensky gave advice at the expense of dialogue with trump.

We also wrote that those voiced dialogue Zelensky and trump.

Even politeka reported that Zelensky was struck by a deed before meeting with trump.