Palchevskogo gave important advice Zelensky: To hell…

Пальчевский дал важный совет Зеленскому: К чертовой матери...

Andrei Palchevsky, the Ukrainian broadcaster and businessman, responded to the scandals in the presidential party “servant of the people”

Reports, he said this on air of the program “Lucien Viber” on October 30. (To see the video prostrollo down)

“They realized that they can do anything that the President at the moment is the humane phase of the presidential development. Can be from a pigeon, so to say the nest, it will flop in the hawk-I hope so. And begin to peck. It all started with those long as a violation of the order of things. First up: spring will come, we will plant. Not put – get, all unbelted. Its not hit – other people not to be afraid. The same basic things. It is necessary to read “the Prince” Machiavelli,” — said Palchevskogo.

Пальчевский дал важный совет Зеленскому: К чертовой матери...

Palchevskogo calls on the President to get tough.

Пальчевский дал важный совет Зеленскому: К чертовой матери...

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The incident

“Otherwise the President will soon be no who to trust. Thank God that there is at least a Yarmak, with which he drives the last time. And so, one will send, so have to talk. To dissolve the army – Zelensky, close, ass these figures Zelensky, ways to check too Zelensky, laws to consider, too Zelensky. No Zelensky is not enough… you Need to drink VLATA. Time. To change materialand to hell, to leave there a few decent people,” he said.

Earlier, Palchevskogo stressed that the situation with the fall of the rating Zelensky quite dangerous.

“He doesn’t understand what happened most importantly – the loss of trust. It happened in the capital. It means in a month… happens everywhere. And any action will be perceived as an act of the Minister Milovanova, or Radutsky some. We don’t care what he says Milovanov – credibility zero”, — he said.

Пальчевский дал важный совет Зеленскому: К чертовой матери...

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