Palace of Versailles : it is forbidden to share his knowledge

The palace of Versailles, monitors its visitors up close.


It is a story that is surprising that reports Le Parisien
. An art historian excluded from the palace of Versailles for non-respect of the ” right to speak “. This regulation, which applies to museums and monuments, regulates very strictly speaking “in public” during the visits. Only guides approved can comment aloud the works, which has given rise to a scene grotesque Saturday in the famous castle.

Marie-Noëlle Grison, which looks like the conservative junior in the Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam, told of his mishap on Twitter. “I explained the concept of the marquetry Boulle with 3 american friends when suddenly a guard falls over “, explains she. While the guard explains to him that she has “no right to speak” and that it ” guides and audio guides for it “, she replies that she is in the company of friends, that she is “not paid” and ” just makes [her] job of an art historian “. He is then asked to leave the premises. Following its history, many users testify to having experienced the same thing in a variety of cultural institutions.

“Limit the abuse ”

Contacted by Le Parisien, the palace of Versailles explains that ” more and more of guides not allowed comment on the visit of the great apartments of the groups. Controls are carried out by the agents of surveillance to limit the abuse that would be penalized by the official guides and that would trouble other visitors. If a speech not priced within a restricted group, let alone a group of friends, may of course be subject to a tolerance, the latter must remain, however, subject to the discretion of the monitoring officer in place. “

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