Painful hangover for Eagles

(Trois-Rivieres) Times are tough for the champions of the Can-Am League this season.

Afflicted by injuries, the Eagles lined what looked like a B team this week against the Miners of Sussex, a formation that was not broken last year.

Unable to impose any rhythm strikeouts for the second straight night, protected by Pete Laforest have suffered another setback final 5-1 in front of 1673 fans at the stadium Fernand-Bédard.

They thereby escape the honors of the series, losing two games out of three.

Bollinger in the image of Rusch

No doubt inspired by his pitching coach Matthew Rusch, impeccable yesterday, Ryan Bollinger has delivered an inspiring performance on the mound, doing everything to maximize the victory of his team chances.

In six innings, the southpaw has allowed a giant earned run on six hits. Called in succession, David Leblanc (a walk) and Philippe-Alexandre Valiquette (a double with the bases loaded) however, have not been able to extinguish the fire. Within a few minutes, Sussex was leading 5-0.

At Wednesday’s like the birds avoided the indignity of a shutout. And again, it’s Reed Lavallee which allowed the Eagles got on the board with a double.

Jalen Harris, Kyle Lafrenz and Sam Judah, two to four batters, all finished their evening to work with a big 0 attached to plug their batting.

For its part, Delvis Morales missed a golden opportunity to propel the Eagles early in the game.

Secondly, there was a withdrawal to the table and all the trails were busy. The Dominican had only put the ball into play to push Daniel Mateo at the plate, but instead he bit the dust on three catches.

He also erred to shortstop, as third baseman Eric Grabe, yet very reliable so far.

“The guys are professional players. This is not because there are injuries that should help to score points, “said Pete Laforest late evening, visibly bitter by the release of his.

“Bollinger Rusch and gave us a lot of 0 for us to get out, but at some point, remove the pressure on our starting pitchers,” continued the manager, not at all impressed by the presence of Morales in second. “It’s unforgivable.”

Morales already boasts six errors in seven games, but this was his first as a player of Inter.

In the other locker room, Bobby Jones congratulated his troops, who again managed to show opportunist.

“As long as our pitchers will give us a chance to win, we will have success,” smiled the manager, who took over the road with two big wins in his pocket.

The Eagles have meanwhile left Trois-Rivières early Friday in the direction of New Jersey, where they will join the Jackals. This will be the first clash between the two clubs since the final of the Can-Am League in September 2015.

Except in the ninth inning (Mateo), no first batter of the Eagles has reached Thursday trails …

Opposing teams dominate Trifluviens for the items from the seventh round early this year, against 22 9.

All indications are that Steve Brown will put on uniform Eagles Saturday to Yogi-Berra Stadium. The slugger would be ready to play on Friday, but the settlement of the Can-Am League stipulates that he must wait seven days on the disabled list …

In the opening match last Thursday, should have read that it is the Petits Chanteurs de Trois-Rivières who sang We are the champions. Marianne Rheault had meanwhile performed the national anthem.

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