PACE adopted a “political” resolution on education in Ukraine, – Aryev

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On the eve of the PACE made Petro Poroshenko, who said that Ukraine will consider the recommendations of the Venice Commission on the law on education

ry-body__introduction”>The parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on Thursday passed a resolution concerning the new law on education in Ukraine languages of national minorities. The vote was preceded by a specially convened debate.

In the PACE resolution recognizes the right of Ukraine to support the Ukrainian language in education, but stressed the importance of protecting the rights of national minorities to study in their native language.

For the resolution voted by 82 delegates, against – 11 (the Ukrainian delegation plus one representative of the United Kingdom), 17 abstentions.

During the discussion the members of the various delegations criticized Ukraine for what the education act adopted without the Venice Commission.

Kiev has also accused that before the adoption of the law is not sufficiently consulted with representatives of national minorities, the Ukrainian delegation objected.

The resolution calls on the Verkhovna Rada to consider all future recommendations to the Commission regarding this law.

Head of the Ukrainian delegation Volodymyr Ariev in comments to reporters called the adopted document is more “political, and not aimed at the protection of national minorities”.

“But the tragedy of this resolution do not need,” – said Vladimir Aryev.

Hungary, Romania, Moldova and some other countries have criticized Kyiv for the article in the new education law, according to which by 2020, as a period of transition, pupils of schools of national minorities to study in their native language, but in parallel will learn the state language Ukrainian.

2020 – on the contrary, the training will take place only in Ukrainian, and the language of national minorities will become a separate discipline.

Kiev insists that the repeal amendment will not, but submitted the law for consideration to the Venice Commission.

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