P. Diddy is changing (again) to name and it is very amazing – Here

Do the call over Puff Daddy or P. Diddy, for the 48-year-old rapper was offered a new stage name that doesn’t look like the former.

If you had decided to disconnect from the digital world for the weekend, know that you have missed a very big announcement that will surely upset the music lover that you are. P. Diddy has surfaced on the social networks to unveil a great new for her fans. A come-back on stage ? A new album ? A new title ? No, no. Just a new name.

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Since Saturday, P. Diddy is no longer a valid answer to the game of blind test, since the rapper has chosen to call otherwise to celebrate its 48th anniversary, a small gift he made to himself and that he has revealed to his fans in a video on Twitter. Now, you need to call it “Love” or ” Brother Love “, it is according to your preferences. “I am no longer the person I was before, I’m different. “he said to explain his choice very astonishing. Diddy, it is now that of love.

I decided to change my name again!

My new name is LOVE aka Brother Love. #TakeDatpic.twitter.com/gArAXusygG

— Sean Diddy Combs (@diddy) November 4, 2017

In 20 years of career, this is the third time he changes his stage name. Revealed to the general public in the late 90’s under the name Puff Daddy, he became in 2001 P. Diddy and then just Diddy only 4 years later because his fans no longer knew what to call it. Love and Brother Love will not fix… getting lost already and our playlist also do not know who to look for. For its next renewal, it may be an idea : Sean Combs, his real name. It’s simple and it does not change.

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