Overwhelmed with a single blow: deputies staged a fight live (VIDEO)

Deputies Igor Mosiychuk and Sergey Shakhov had a fight on the channel of “Direct”.

Завалил с одного удара: депутаты устроили драку в прямом эфире (ВИДЕО)

Shahs called Mosiychuk “not to go to gay pride parades”. In response, he threatened the opponent that he “will get along with a woman”. Mosiychuk stood up from his seat and approached the Shahs, demanding an apology. Mosiychuk called the enemy “a woman” and several times repeated that he was “ebnulsya the son of Yanukovych.”

After that, shahs pushed Mosiychuk with the words “animal”, and he fell. Standing up, he tried to put the offender back with his cane, but opponents broke up the leading.

Video: facrbook.com


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