Over the territory of Russia took the sunrise Nibiru. VIDEO

In the Internet appeared a very interesting video where you can see a strange object near the Sun. The video was filmed by a passenger aircraft flying over the territory of Russia.

The mysterious planet Nibiru is not haunted by ufologists and virtual researchers. Conspiracy theorists and then predicting the end of the world because of Planet X.

Although the existence of Nibiru proved to be only circumstantial evidence, the ufologists are not satisfied and insist that planet X will soon approach the critical distance to the Earth, causing our planet is threatened by global Apocalypse.

However, the official science urges not to believe the speculation of virtual assistants, noting that if a sufficiently large space object approaching a “blue” planet, it would already have fixed.

Thus, the Network appeared a strange video, which can be noticed a very strange object near the Sun. Ufologists immediately began to say that the witnesses managed to capture the sunrise Nibiru.

And, indeed, after watching the video, published in YouTube, you may notice that in some point near the Sun appears a space object.

This object is round in shape and much smaller in size in comparison with the luminary of the Solar system.

The alleged sunrise Nibiru shot a passenger plane of the company S7, flying over the territory of Russia.

Frames of the video, which is very reminiscent of the beginning of Armageddon, very scared of Internet users. Many users who watched the video, agreed with the conspiracy theorists that the witnesses managed to film it Planet X.

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