Outdated fashion trends that will ruin your image

Fashion is changeable and it is known to all.

Застарілі модні тренди, які зіпсують ваш образ

We don’t always have time for this Moody beauty and sometimes it turns out that our favorite shirt for several years, as out of fashion. To always look stylish, follow the trends and we can help you with this, informs Rus.Media.

Just a few seasons ago it was different, and we just want to keep up with the current changes. Really, fashion does not change too drastically, just some trendy trend gradually fades away. But such gradualism gives us the ability to adapt to new trends and to change some things, and even hair. Let’s see what it costs to restore right now!

Colored tights

Застарілі модні тренди, які зіпсують ваш образ

Yes, there was a time when this trend was relevant, but now it is better to choose neutral colors. If you really want to dilute the look, focus on the fine pattern or dots. It is not too conspicuous and at the same time, not make the image too dull.

Straight bangs

Застарілі модні тренди, які зіпсують ваш образ

Barbie style rooted in the past, and the dolls themselves look a little more natural. It’s time for us to change the sharp straight line of bangs in sloppy curls that frame the face easily. Open the forehead and accentuate the beauty of the face, but if your oval needs some softening of the lines, select padureni oblique bangs.

Tattooed eyebrows

Застарілі модні тренди, які зіпсують ваш образ

A thin, clearly defined eyebrows, done with the help of tattoo is also fading. More trends in clothing style and makeup are inclined to natural lines. So, give your brows the right shape and shaded pencil or eyeshadow. This will help to highlight the eyebrow, but not scare sharp lines.

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Extra Shine

Застарілі модні тренди, які зіпсують ваш образ

Remember back a few seasons ago it appeared like Christmas toys? Today is curb your appetite to use concealer. Except that to achieve a slight glow from the serum, moisturizer and natural shade of blush. Better the glow will give healthy skin that is achieved without external adjustment, and the health of the entire body.

Tan “too much”

Застарілі модні тренди, які зіпсують ваш образ

Sitting in the Solarium is irrelevant. The orange tint goes away, giving place to the light kisses of the sun. Sunbathe in the shade and your skin will get a nice dark beige color, and skin health will remain fine.

Real fur

Застарілі модні тренди, які зіпсують ваш образ

More and more people choose artificial or eco-fur is not only for reasons of love for animals. After all, skin treatment is a pretty dirty industry from the point of view of ecology and pollute the environment just becomes dangerous. Besides, the products made of eco-fur look even more interesting!

Lacquer shoes

Застарілі модні тренди, які зіпсують ваш образ

Modern stylists believe these shoes are only appropriate for elementary school students. And adult and stylish lady is a matte material that perfectly set off the beauty of the legs. Choose the color for the soul, but it is better to stay on the classics.

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