Osadchaya told about her third pregnancy: “I Want the fairy tale”

Осадчая рассказала о своей третьей беременности: «Хочется сказки»

Katya Osadchaya has finally commented on the rumors that she is pregnant with third child

Ukrainian TV presenter already has two children and finally told me about another pregnancy.

35-year-old leading had to comment on what all just gossip, not whether it is under the heart of another child. “People want stories, I want at least one eye to look behind the scenes. The TV worked for years on this interest, further work”, – she said in an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine.

Осадчая рассказала о своей третьей беременности: «Хочется сказки»

Osadcha added that wherever she went, from is under the eye of attention. But refers to this with understanding.

“As for the gossip about the pregnancy — what can I say? There are different styles of dresses”, – commented on the rumors about her pregnancy celebrity.

Recall that Osadchaya have two children – 16-year-old Elijah from the people’s Deputy Oleg Polishchuk and 2-year-old Ivan from her colleagues of the TV presenter Yury Gorbunov, whom she is now married.

As previously reported, Katia Osadcha threw a nice photo taken at the famous Cannes film festival in France.

Osadcha TV presenter never ceases to amaze fans with colorful characters and famous people. Star often pleasing followers with new photos on his page in social network Instagram.

So, it has published a new photo in which a woman posing not one, but in the stellar company of a famous Hollywood actor-handsome Antonio Banderas at the Cannes film festival, where she went on a business trip.

In the picture Katya Osadchaya in a bright orange dress with bare shoulders and a hat of the same bright color.

Осадчая рассказала о своей третьей беременности: «Хочется сказки»

Leading boasted that she managed to take a selfie with the actor of Spanish origin Antonio Banderas, whom she met on the Plage du Majestic.

In the photo, the actor poses in white pants, striped tee and denim jacket. Both genuinely smiling.

“Soon the high life!!!! Antonio Banderas at the Cannes film festival is the ribbon Pedro Almadovar “Pain and glory”. Our exclusive interview coming soon in the air”, — has signed a snapshot pleased with this “production” Katya Osadchaya.

Recall, Polyakova in a rubber suit “cucumber” seduced Katya Osadchaya.

As reported Politeka Nikityuk and Osadchaya was flirting with the Turks.

Also Politeka wrote that Osadchaya, Jiji and other Ukrainian stars said about the best gifts for the New year.