Osadchaya stylish outfit appeared near luxury cars: a single gram of makeup

Осадчая в стильном наряде снялась возле элитного авто: ни грамма макияжа

The Ukrainian presenter Katya Osadchaya boasted in network elegant suit “for travel”

Leading “Secular life” in his Instagram published a picture on the background of luxurious black Jaguar.

The media personality also wished his followers a great weekend and inquired as to who holds this Sunday — at work or on vacation.

Osadchaya wearing airy and easy travel outfit, which perfectly combines elegance and Casual style. Short white pants and jacket is decorated with a fun print men made in blue, pink and black. The image of the traveler complement the bright and comfortable sneakers.

Осадчая в стильном наряде снялась возле элитного авто: ни грамма макияжа

“By plane, train, car… Travel is part of the job. And while I travel, airport service will take the car, prodeinotherium, wash and return to the airport. All good Sunday”, — says the publication.

Netizens admired the way Osadchaya and praised her for her lovely style.

Earlier it was reported that Yury Gorbunov, a Ukrainian comedian, presenter and husband of Katya Osadchaya has shared a touching picture with her. So couple in white clothes was photographed in his yard. Their faces radiate love and happiness. To say that pair together quite often involved in various projects as lead. So they spend a lot of time together not only at home but also at work.

Yury Gorbunov and Ekaterina Osadchaya together and raise their son Ivan and also often share the pictures with him.

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Осадчая в стильном наряде снялась возле элитного авто: ни грамма макияжа

Earlier it was reported that Osadchaya has published a new photo. Leading posing against the backdrop of the pool and mountains black bikini, on top of which put on a white beach tunic. On star head straw hat.

Photo came out very warm and atmospheric.

Recall Gorbunov made an unexpected confession Osadchaya.

As reported Politeka, Osadchaya plants showed a photo without makeup.

Also Politeka wrote that Osadchaya told about her third pregnancy: “I Want stories”.