Osadchaya boasted a gift from Gorbunova birthday: “the Best wife”

Осадчая похвасталась подарком от Горбунова на день рождения: "Лучшая жена"

The Ukrainian presenter Katya Osadchaya 12 Sep celebrates birthday

In the web it showed as her star husband, Yuri Gorbunov congratulated her on this day.

Based on a photo, the husband of the leading posted in a country house balls her name and presented a birthday cake.

“I love my birthday since childhood, wanted always to remember this day. I grew up and still like the day — September 12, and now @gorbunovyuriy makes this day unforgettable! Thank you!” — she wrote on Instagram.

Осадчая похвасталась подарком от Горбунова на день рождения: "Лучшая жена"

Gorbunov has also published a video in social networks, where Everything can be congratulated with the 36th anniversary.

“Kate, way!! This day not only special for me but for your friends!! Happy birthday!! Be happy!! I love you, the best wife, mother and hostess!” — said Yuri.

Colleagues and friends today to congratulate the presenter. For example, Masha Efrosinina published a joint photo, it seems made for a party for Halloween.

“Katya, I love you for the ease, the wit, the ability to have fun as last time, for a sense of humor, and for your courage! For being able so gracefully to separate personal from professional!! Happy birthday. What’s your real friend, post a photo where I don’t look pretty!”, — I wrote to Maria.

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Осадчая похвасталась подарком от Горбунова на день рождения: "Лучшая жена"

Earlier Osadchaya also boasted a new photo from Odessa to the bright orange dress. Your way it complemented sunglasses and sandals to go low. Overall look turned out very summery and feminine. Many fans have appreciated it and fell asleep the TV host dozens of compliments.

Recall Gorbunov made an unexpected confession Osadchaya.

Also Politeka wrote that Osadchaya told about her third pregnancy: “I Want stories”.

As reported Politeka, Osadchaya plants showed a photo without makeup.