Order banning publication for the financial situation of Normandeau

ex-animatrice-fm-93-nathalie(Quebec) Suzanne Ouellet judge struck an order banning publication of financial position of Nathalie Normandeau in the dispute between his former employer, Cogeco.

Counsel for the former hostess, Me Sophie Cloutier, filed Tuesday morning, a motion to remain private elements of its financial position. One that was at the microphone of the FM 93 until his arrest March 17 applies to the court for Cogeco pay him a salary.

She says not having the financial means to face a long and expensive criminal trial. For Cogeco prosecutor, Michel Towner, Ms. Normandeau has given up on the secrecy surrounding its financial position when it claims to have difficulties.

The judge accepted the argument that the public disclosure of its financial situation was not necessary at this stage of the proceedings and sought the protection of important legitimate interests.

At the same time, the judge granted the request of Cogeco attorney to obtain account statements and Mrs. Normandeau credit cards to enjoy the money movements since his arrest on 17 March.

Finally, the judge accepted that the evidence be added to the financial liability of Ms. Normandeau while Me Towner would retain the assets, including the sale of a house that had allowed Ms. Normandeau to reach $ 65,000. The judge considers that the liability is inseparable from the active to get “a full and complete picture.”

Now supplemented its request, the parties will debate on the safeguard order filed by Mrs. Normandeau to get his salary. She claims that there would be irreparable harm, including an inability to meet its mortgage bonds.

The former host Cogeco continues for wrongful dismissal and claimed a total of $ 722,000, the equivalent of his salary provided for 2019 as well as moral and punitive damages. The case on the merits will be heard later.

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