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plusieurs-cyclistes-passent-poste-frontalier(Granby) The state of a road leading to the border falls there under the jurisdiction of a municipality? This is the debate between Frelighsburg and the Department of Transport (MTQ) on the Richford Road, after which is the border crossing East Pinnacle.

The last stretch of just over a kilometer leading to the United States is in a sorry state. In some places, large nest-holes are forcing motorists and cyclists to swerve to avoid them. As a precaution, the municipality has installed orange construction cones to warn road users of the danger.

The situation exasperated Mayor Jean Levesque. “Looks like this is the border between modern country and an underdeveloped country. We want to encourage Americans to come home. And this is [that] the welcome offered to them, “he said with a flourish, showing the many cracks in the floor on the Canadian side.

Clearly, insists Mr. Lévesque, the MTQ should be responsible for this road and its maintenance. He cites as evidence that the MTQ is responsible for 12 more kilometers which starts on Richford Road from Highway 237. “This road is an official entry in Canada. I do not think it’s the responsibility of the municipality to pay for the repair, “he said.

Estimates to complete the laying of a new asphalt amount to about $ 200,000, the mayor said. This corresponds to the annual budget of all road works in the municipality. “It’s a drop in the budget of the MTQ, but not for us. We can still not everything aside elsewhere in the municipality to take care of that way. ”

This section requires more than a new coat of asphalt, believes Mr. Lévesque. The foundation of the road must be redone. “We still clogged the holes this winter. But it’s so shabby that our repairs do not hold. It is a waste of money to continue the butcher. ”

1993 reform

The last kilometer of the road is the responsibility Richford Frelighsburg since 1993. His transfer MTQ to the small municipality was within the framework of the Ryan reform, the Minister of the time, Claude Ryan. The MTQ is then divested several thousand kilometers of roads in foisting their maintenance to municipalities, to the chagrin of those.

The Quebec government is responsible for the first 12 kilometers of Richford Road, but not the last kilometer, confirms Nadège Tessier, spokesman for the MTQ towards the Eastern Townships. This section serves as a collector, she explains, while the last portion is considered a local road.

The responsibility of the MTQ branches of maples on the way leading to the Richford way into a 90 degree angle, said Mrs. Tessier. The average annual daily traffic for the part under the jurisdiction of the MTQ is 380 vehicles.

The municipality filed earlier this year a request that the MTQ resume the responsibility of the last segment of Richford Road, said Mrs. Tessier. “We request the analysis,” said she said. “There is no timetable,” she added.

The municipality is considering putting in motion his plan B in the event that the MTQ refuses to endorse the final kilometer of the road Richford. It will remove the asphalt. “We will all grind and let the dirt road. It would cost about $ 9,000, $ 10,000, “said Mr. Levesque.

Data from the Canada Border Services Agency report the entry of 11,131 travelers to Canada by the Post East Pinnacle, between April 1 2015 and March 31, 2016.

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