Opponents of energy reform are preparing hacker attacks on the infrastructure of the electricity market expert

Противники энергореформы готовят хакерскую атаку на инфраструктуру рынка электроэнергии - эксперт

Internet sites are key operators in the competitive electricity market may be experiencing a hacker attack, which is prepared by opponents of the reform of the energy market announced on the Facebook page of the President of the Association of energy of Ukraine Alexander Trohimets

“There are reports that he was preparing hacker attacks on the websites of state enterprises, ensuring the functioning of the electricity market. We are talking about SE “NPC” Ukrenergo “SE” Guaranteed buyer “enterprise “market Operator”! It is on the websites of these companies there are electronic platforms, which trading in such market segments electrical energy, as “the day-ahead market” and “vnutricletocny market.” And SE “NPC “Ukrenergo” performs operational dispatch management of power system of Ukraine,” — says Oleg Trohimets.

The expert is convinced that the organizers of a possible hacker attack, there are opponents of the new electricity market. He encourages law enforcement agencies to prompt an investigation.

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“As you can see, someone really does not want to have a free electricity market. These people are ready to put the grid, only to return the electricity in the condition of manual control! I hope that in the case of hacker attacks, the websites of these companies will survive, and law enforcement agencies will ensure effective investigation of such acts of sabotage !!! “- says Alexander Trohimets.

We will remind, since July 1, entered into force the Law “On electricity market”, which began the second stage of the reform of the energy sector. In the second stage of the reform earned the market of bilateral contracts, consumers will be able to choose a provider who will offer the best price and quality. The implementation provided by the Law of Ukraine “On electricity market” reforms will lead to liberalization of the electricity market of Ukraine and its functioning on a competitive basis on the European model.