Operation seduction for local procurement in Farnham

(Farnham) The Chamber of Commerce of Farnham region and launched a campaign to lather buying locally and encourage the businesses in the city.
“We want to stimulate local purchasing, ensure that businesses reach their target audience,” says the executive director of the CCRF, Christine Brodeur.

The campaign, whose slogan is “my area in the heart of shopping” aims to “raise awareness about the importance of buying local to stimulate the economy of our municipalities, keep jobs in our regions and maintain supply of services close to home. A healthy economy has a positive impact on all social spheres, “said Christine Brodeur.

“It raises awareness, yes. But traders: if we want that people buy here, they must have good service, a pleasant shopping experience, “she says, adding that the entrepreneurs will be more attentive to the needs of their customers .

And traders were not hard to convince. “They shipped immediately. mobilizing one feels, for sure, “said Christine Brodeur.

The Director General of the Chamber of Commerce has no specific expectations this year, believing that the message will grow with time. “As and when the message will get into people’s heads and the word of mouth will take effect,” she says.

To increase participation, four gift certificates from local businesses will be drawn for a competition and customers will be entitled to various discounts at participating.

The campaign will be ongoing throughout the year.

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