Opening the entertainment center Escaparium

jason-hallee-coproprietaire-escaparium-sherbrooke(Sherbrooke) Sherbrooke Escaparium opened at the corner of boulevard Bourque and Rue President Kennedy.

The entertainment center will have three themed rooms or jail, saloon and center. Participants will escape from these parts in less than 60 minutes to successfully complete their mission. The prison opened Wednesday, the saloon will open in the coming weeks and the plant will be ready for the fall.

The scenarios differ from one room to another. For example, those trapped in the prison were accused of a murder they did not commit and sentenced to death. If they fail to escape into the allotted time, guards will escort them to the scaffold.

To escape, participants must solve puzzles, unravel puzzles and decipher codes.

The breakout game is created for groups of 2 to 6 players. It aims to foster teamwork, test logic and skills, highlighting each communication skills, identify natural leaders and have fun.

The opening of the center creates three jobs and the team should expand to ten employees in the fall, according to the owners, Jason and Lesly Hallée Meunier.

The cost is $ 25 per player and one who celebrates his birthday may play for free. All games are fully bilingual.

Escaparium already has an entertainment center in Laval, opened in the spring.

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