Ontario tackles human trafficking

ministere-justice-definit-traite-personnesOntario has adopted Thursday a plan to fight against human trafficking including through increased outreach efforts, an effective process of prosecution and better access to services for victims.

The plan, entitled Strategy for ending human trafficking, is allocated up to $ 72 million over four years. The envelope will be shared between several departments to coordinate the fight against a problem described as a complex and growing.

The strategy includes the establishment of a provincial coordination office to facilitate the sharing of information between the police, social services, child welfare and other sectors. It will also aim to provide interventions tailored to the cultural characteristics of First Nations.

The Ontario government is also committed to building a team of specialized prosecutors to advise Crown attorneys and law enforcement as well as addressing the causes related to human trafficking.

No timetable has been set for the launch of these two initiatives.

With the strategy unveiled Thursday, Prime Minister Kathleen Wynne takes the commitment it made in February to design such a plan by the end of June.

What Wynne announced as a strategy that wide ratisserait however raises critical towards the Progressive Conservative opposition.

The spokesman of the opposition in the status of women, Laurie Scott, denounces the lack of resources allocated to municipal police forces, which are on the front lines. She also noted that the bill she introduced herself earlier this year, he would have allowed the surviving persons to compensation and to include traffickers provincial sex offender registry.

Ontario is behind 65% of cases of trafficking reported across the country, with a predominance of young women and minors among the victims.

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