O’neill ran from the Studio, eating sharp chips

Shaquille O’neal took part in a wager according to which had to eat the fries, not frowning.

Former player of the national basketball Association (NBA) Shaquille O’neal took part in Paqui One Chip Challenge flash mob, in which participants must eat the chips Fear The Reaper with the sharpest in the world grade pepper the Carolina Reaper, and it does not shrink.

Bet suggested that O’neill co-host and former athlete initially successfully coped with the task. But then I could not resist and ran from the table.

Shaquille O’neal is a four-time NBA champion and 15-time NBA all-star game NBA. In addition, on account of his title of world champion and winner of Olympic gold in 1996.

Informed The Correspondent.net reported that the lead threw up in the air due to the very sharp chips.

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