One vodka produced in Gatineau

vodkalight-compte-produire-500-000Vodka enthusiasts can enjoy a new flavor to local product “Gatineau” since distillery will be built in the Airpark.

The project of the businessman Pierre Mantha, valued at $ 5 million, includes the construction of a building on Bombardier Street in Gatineau. Work will begin in the coming weeks and the first still needs to be installed in December. In all, four distillation devices will be used to produce the new Vodkalight, an ultra-premium vodka low calorie to be distilled seven times.

Vodkalight will be manufactured from spring water Gatineau and Quebec and Ontario corn kernels. The aim is to offer a product that has 45 to 60 calories per ounce and an oscillating alcohol content around 35%.

“We have a product that stands out because it is reduced calorie said Patrick Chartrand, director of marketing. We want to adapt to the consumption of the people. Previously we did not necessarily have the reflex to choose a particular brand, now we eat less but better. People prefer to choose a better brand. ”

The Gatineau water spirits intends to distinguish it from other bottles already available in stores. Mr. Chartrand compares the quality of the product to known brands like Grey Goose and Pure Vodka.

The first bottles should be on the shelves of the Société des alcools du Québec and the Régie des alcohols Ontario in June 2017. Discussions are already underway with the two Crown corporations to commercialize the water of -life. The company plans to produce 500,000 bottles per year and employ about twenty employees within five years.

Development of distilleries

In recent years, several distilleries were born in La Belle Province. For example, the Association of Quebec micro-distilleries has over ten producer members since its inception in 2012. A booming market which wanted to join Vodkalight.

“This is a market in which people want to distinguish themselves. increasingly seen gins made in Quebec, for example. Consumers looking for a product that stands out with a flavor and a taste that is different, “notes Mr. Chartrand.

Producers wishing Vodkalight break into the international market. Mr. Mantha, the founder of the company, plans to distribute its product in Colombia in June 2017. In addition, an expansion plan includes expanding sales around the world from 2018.

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