One patient had a fall three stories in Three Rivers Hospital

dame-fait-chute-trois-etages(Trois-Rivieres) Patient hosted to hospital in Trois-Rivières university Integrated Centre for Health and Social Services of the Mauricie and Centre-du-Quebec (CIUSSS MCQ) suffered serious injuries after Monday falls three floors. She finished her fall on a roof of a section of the vast hospital complex.

“This person is currently under emergency,” explained shortly after the events the director of technical services of the hospital center in Trois-Rivières, Mario Lessard. “But we still have no information on his condition.”

The incident occurred shortly before 16 pm. Mario Lessard stated a half hours after the event that the lady was hospitalized in a normal care unit. It is therefore not a patient of psychiatry, he said.

“She was in a standard unit General medical care (5J) built in 2004 according to current standards,” added Mr. Lessard.

The windows installed in this ward are bellows which open only partially, leaving very little space for a person to creep in. “We have no idea how she was able to get out,” said the director of technical services of the hospital in Trois-Rivieres.

“But she came out. How is it out? It has not the above. ”

While the woman was being treated for his injuries, the direction of CIUSSS assured that an investigation had been opened. The authorities want to shed light on these events could result in the death of a patient.

For the moment, no hypothesis is rejected by the management of the hospital. Is is an accident or a deliberate act? This is an issue to be clarified.

The management of the hospital appeared before some media visibly uncomfortable at these events. “The investigation is to determine the reasons for this fall. We are very unhappy about this situation is abnormal for us and it should not happen, “Mr. Lessard said. “We want to get to the bottom of things. […] The police did its end, we too will have to do our bit to understand. ”

Police in Trois-Rivières opened an investigation on Monday to shed light on this matter. Several police officers have analyzed the scene of the accident and were trying Monday to meet the lady.

Monday’s events remind an incident in 2013 at the hospital in Trois-Rivieres. A patient of the mental health wing was then thrown from the third floor of the building.

The man who had then suffered leg injuries, had forced the security mechanism of the windows of the mental health wing.

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