One of the greatest boxers in the world was killed in an accident, grieving the whole world: “a true legend”

Один из величайших боксеров мира погиб в ДТП, скорбит весь мир: "настоящая легенда"

Tragedy ended the life of one of the best boxers in the world

Former American boxer Pernell Whittaker died in hospital due to injuries received in the accident. The evening of July 14 a 55-year-old Pernell got hit by a car. The driver of the car fled the scene and waited for police to arrive. The former athlete was taken to a hospital in Norfolk, Virginia, but doctors were unable to save him.

The legendary sportsman won at the Olympic games 1984 (Los Angeles, USA) and the pan American games, became the silver medalist of the world Championship-1982.

After the victory at the Olympics Whittaker made his debut in professional Boxing. In 1990, he achieved the status of absolute world champion. In 2002 made the list of top 10 greatest boxers of all time according to Ring magazine. On a professional level in different years was a world champion in four divisions (light weight, first middle heavy, middle heavy and the first average).

Whittaker tarnished his legacy at the end of a career. In the last four contests, the boxer lost three times. And the result is the only one won match (against Andrei Pestrjaeva) was later changed to invalid due to the fact that Whitaker caught using cocaine. Just on account of his 40 victories (17 of them by knockout), four losses and one draw.

Один из величайших боксеров мира погиб в ДТП, скорбит весь мир: "настоящая легенда"

Earlier it was reported that Mexican boxer Ivan Ramirez was found dead in his home on the Yucatan Peninsula. The police considered two versions of the tragedy: the murder-suicide.

24-year-old fighter was considered one of the most promising in the Yucatan. He has 13 victories on a professional ring and only one defeat. This year, boxer spent two victorious fight in August and planned to move to Welterweight. The following month, Ramirez was supposed to spend next fight. The President of the world Boxing Council Mauricio Sulaiman has expressed condolences in connection with death of a young athlete.

Один из величайших боксеров мира погиб в ДТП, скорбит весь мир: "настоящая легенда"

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