“On your knees bitch. Kiss”: the scandal unexpected twist, the parents stood up to the teacher

«На колени тварь. Целуй»: в скандале неожиданный поворот, родители вступились на воспитательницу

Parents of children from the Russian kindergarten where the teacher put on his knees the boy decided to stand up for a woman

About it reports “Snob” with reference to one of the parents of the child.

“The man told an employee of the kindergarten “lives to work” and she berates educators who raise the voice on children. In his opinion, aggression teacher was caused by the behavior of the boy he allegedly poddevat other children”, — stated in the message.

«На колени тварь. Целуй»: в скандале неожиданный поворот, родители вступились на воспитательницу

In this case the man claims that the cause of the scandalous behavior of a teacher was allegedly himself a child.

“This child’s problems. This winter was a conflict. The child was teased by other children. My child went a month bruised. But then all at loggerheads, everything changed and became normal. Now — the second wave. My personal opinion is a combination of factors. This child was the feather that broke the back of the elephant” — he said.

As previously reported, the kindergarten teacher forced children to kiss the ground. This is reported by Russian journalists.

It is alleged that a child was bullied the head of the kindergarten. The boy in front of the whole group was brought to its knees.

“On your knees, scumbag! Kiss the fucking ground, bitch!” — shouted a woman.

The incident occurred in a kindergarten “the Asterisk” the city of Krasnodar, Russia. It is reported that the woman was enraged by a recognition that he does not like Russia.

For a while, except the other children, watched the other two teachers, but no one intervened.

Video “educational process” was in the social network.

Local police launched an investigation, although statements from the parents of the child were reported.

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