On the way to the metropolis of the future: what they say in the Investment forum of Kiev

На пути к мегаполису будущего: о чем будут говорить  на Инвестиционном форуме Киева

Big Kiev is a successful and progressive of the Kiev agglomeration will discuss during the Investment forum in Kyiv, which will be held on September 17, 2019 in Mistecka Arsenal

International and Ukrainian investors, representatives of foreign municipalities, local authorities and the business community will discuss various aspects of the development strategy of the Kiev region.

The opening session of the Forum will discuss global trends and Ukrainian realities in the context of the vision of the Kiev agglomeration. “When choosing a development strategy of greater Kiev, you can rely on the experience of similar long-term project “the Big Paris” and “greater London”. The Ukrainian capital is necessary to maximize the use of its advantages to take advantage of the current boom of the tourism of the city. Should learn from the success of the reforms and changes that have been implemented in other major cities of the world. The Kyiv city administration an important role: together with the investors to think carefully about the future Great of Kiev, and to ensure its dynamic development,” — said the mayor of Kiev, the Chairman of the Association of cities of Ukraine Vitaly Klitschko.

Olivier védrine, the French political scientist and President of the Academy of global transformations in Kiev said: “a prosperous, independent and peaceful Ukraine is the key to a strong and democratic Europe. All roads lead to Kyiv, as it occupies a strategic position in the centre of the European continent. Therefore, the development of the Ukrainian capital — is a vital necessity”.

На пути к мегаполису будущего: о чем будут говорить  на Инвестиционном форуме Киева
In the program of the forum of four panel discussions. One of them is “the Creative economy — a new breath of Kiev Metropolitan area” — is devoted to the situation in the creative industries, which attract young and educated and stimulate the urban economy is of greater Kiev. It will be considered successful cases of agglomerations of other countries that can be extrapolated to the Kyiv region, to realize the creative potential of local entrepreneurs and companies.

Kiev is already today competitive in the sphere of event tourism is here to hold major sporting events, and festival culture flourishes with a string of major projects. How to achieve an even greater effect in this area, will tell participants of the discussion panel “Cultural, musical and sports events as a catalyst for urban tourism”.
During the discussion, “Service and infrastructure solutions for the development of the metropolis of the future” will discuss ways to strengthen relations in the capital and suburbs to create comfort of living and stable economic development of the regions.

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The forum will end with a closed business session for investors.