On the seabed have discovered a unique find: “almost 570 years”

На морском дне обнаружили уникальную находку: «почти 570 лет»

Archaeologists stated that at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico have discovered a unique artifact, which is almost 570 years

We are talking about the so-called “anchor of Cortez”.

In Mexico, the experts said that at the bottom of the Gulf they had found the anchor of one of the ships that was part of a squadron of the famous Conquistador hernán cortés. This, according to experts, indicates the age of the finds.

На морском дне обнаружили уникальную находку: «почти 570 лет»

The anchor dates back to the Spanish conquest. Found anchor specialists from the research project INAH at the bottom of the sea to the North of Veracruz.

To determine the approximate age of the artifact helped him wood which sea water is almost not damaged. After the analysis, the scientists noted that d-pad was made of oak, growing in the North of Spain and felled between 1450 and 1530.

It is known that near this city in 1519, Cortez deliberately sunk ten ships of his squadron. This was done to ensure that the soldiers are unable to defect back to Spain.

The squadron Conquistador landed in the region in the spring of 1519. And in the summer of next year, Cortes said, that he was able to cope with the Aztec Empire.

As previously reported, scientists have found ancient human remains on the Islands of Amazonia. It is known that excavations were conducted by a team of scientists on 3 Islands Isla del Tesoro, La Shakra and San Pablo in the North of Bolivia.

On the territory of ancient settlements were found the remains, which were buried in certain places. This is one of the characteristics of more developed societies, not groups of hunters-gatherers.

Managed to establish that people first settled the region over 10,000 years ago. Before this discovery the earliest evidence of life in this part of the Amazon dated to 2.5 million Years ago. As it became known, the people settled in the southwestern part of the Amazon, much earlier than previously thought.

На морском дне обнаружили уникальную находку: «почти 570 лет»

Archaeologists say that the tribes of hunter-gatherers exhausted the local resources, forced them to move away from the nomadic life and begin the domestication of plants, including sweet potatoes, manioc, peanuts and chili peppers.

Recall that scientists have discovered a hidden passage in the Egyptian sphinxes.

As reported Politeka, archaeologists have uncovered the ancient Palace of the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II.

Also Politeka wrote that she is unaware that the animal has done science a great service.